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June 13, 2014

CFAMFT is 2014 Chapter of the Year

Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapists recognized CFAMFT as the chapter of the year for outstanding leadership!

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December 4, 2013

Scholarship Awards

Each year the Central Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CFAMFT) awards a scholarship to a deserving graduate student. This scholarship is known as the Gery J. Woltering Memorial Scholarship. The Gery J. Woltering Memorial Scholarship Award was named in honor of one of CFAMFT’s former members. Gery Woltering was an esteemed member of the marriage and family therapy community and CFAMFT. Each year his memory is honored when the Gery J. Woltering Memorial Scholarship is awarded at our annual holiday breakfast.

Students must be enrolled in a full-time graduate program in marriage and family therapy or a mental health counseling program with a systemic orientation. The essay must be written to reflect the student’s reasons for wanting to become a therapist with a systemic focus. The announcement of the essay competition is mailed out to all graduate programs at the start of the fall semester. Essays are reviewed by a committee of CFAMFT members. Once a decision is made, the recipient is notified, as he or she must be present at the holiday breakfast in order to be appropriately honored.

The 2014 recipient of the Gery J. Woltering Scholarship Award was Ms. Elizabeth Yantorni. Ms. Yantorni is currently studying Mental Health Counseling Rollins College. In her essay, Ms. Yantorni wrote about trauma informed marriage and family therapy. Ms. Yantorni discovered early on that she wanted to work with children that have experienced trauma because “Children are so susceptible to relational exchanges and the messages that family interactions teach them. When trauma is present, destructive cognitive beliefs are formed that can follow the child into adulthood, affecting their future relationships and making it difficult for them to connect fully with others.” Ms. Yantorni places a high value on healing of trauma in the context of the family system, she finds “Whether abuse is present or not, the influence on the family system after a traumatic experience is a powerful force that can be used to create positive and constructive change. For this reason, it is necessary that any trauma-based treatment be approached from a systemic perspective. Individuals’ personalities and identities are constructed from their interactions with others, especially those occurring in their families of origin. From a counseling perspective, it is impossible to get a true picture of a client without seeing their interactions and relationships within the family system.”  Ms. Yantorni desires to help clients find and create lifelong healthy relationships through her work with trauma informed family therapy.

Submitted by:
Rachel Curry, Student Representative