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President’s Message

Dear CFAMFT Community,

I cannot begin to express how honored I am to be stepping into the role of President of CFAMFT. This organization and all of the people who make it up have been so valuable to me, both personally and professionally. Back in 2010, I was the Membership Chair and Student Representative until I left for New York in 2012. Upon returning from New York in 2014, I ran right back to CFAMFT because the camaraderie and cohesion I experienced here was something I had truly been missing.

When I was asked to run for President-Elect, I might have shed a few tears. I was extremely grateful, and if I’m being honest, a bit uncertain of whether or not I have what it takes to fulfill this position’s needs. Then I remembered there is no way I could do this alone, and the beauty of CFAMFT is that I don’t have to. I am truly grateful for those who have come before me and for all those who are helping during my term. Already I’ve been hearing about all sorts of ways we can strengthen CFAMFT and our presence in our community. I promise I will do my absolute best to strengthen those aspects we all find most intriguing about this organization. For those of you who do not hold a current position, I want you to know your value as well, and I want to remind you to reach out to me or other board members with any suggestions.

My main goal for presidency is to increase membership and enhance our membership system. Not only do I want us to be a source of support for seasoned professionals, but for students and new professionals as well. Along these lines, I want to remind the mental health community that CFAMFT is a family for all mental health professionals, not just LMFTs. While our programs are systemically oriented to honor our intrinsic need for social connection, we are inclusive of everyone, no matter what your educational background.

My next goal involves honoring the many beautiful “family” traditions we have with CFAMFT, yet enriching them so they can keep up with changing times and technology. I have heard from many of you that we need to be more creative with the ways we try to bring professionals together. With that in mind, I want to continue our amazing monthly presentations, but I also want to add more social gatherings, educational offerings, advocacy-related activities, and consultation opportunities.

This year’s theme is “Helping Families Navigate through a Complicated World.” I think this title speaks to the various traumas our community, country, and world have faced over the last year. I want this year to help us better learn how to be there for the families we work with, but moreover, I want it to help us, as humans and helping professionals, be there for each other. After all, that’s why we’re here: To connect, to gain strength through others, and to heal.

Again, thank you all for your support in nominating me as your 2017-2018 President. Furthermore, thank you all for helping to make CFAMFT the best “family” it can be.

Warmest Regards,

Olivia Ambs, MA, LMHC


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